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Sold: 1 Lb (0,45kg) of Toluca b - highly recrystalized Iron meteorite

Toluca b
Toluca b
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Toluca b, This material is a highly recrystalized Iron meteorite with unique thermal history. It is ich in Silicate inclusions and contains numerous large vesicles in the metal. This ( - because of its unique texture, structure and mineralogy - ) surprising looking meteorite is an extraterrestrial transformation conglomerate of an alloy of iron and nickel (Kamacite). We as some other scientists believe that this metal mixture might be part of the original, authentic Toluca, Mexico iron meteorite event that experienced a different thermal history evolution already on its parent body. This supposedly was caused be a tremendous shock event in space approx. 5000 Ma ago! This iron material shows that it comes from a part of the parent body that has been quite unequilibrated and inhomogenious in thermal history and such in texture and patterns of crystallization. You are ordering unit/s of based on the rate per 1 Lb (0,45kg).(image above and/or below is just a sample image - Actual sample/s you receive will look different but is/are of simliar quality .If you like a photo first kindly email to us)

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