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Shungite-Schungit, extremely rare high grade Shungite which do have an energy that is a 1000 fold stronger than regular shungite. In 1 ton of regular shungite you find only several grams of the lustrous high grade shungite. 1 billion yrs.old - correlates with Phaeton

Shungite-Schungit extremely rare top grade with high luster
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Shungit hat sich vor etwa einer Milliarde Jahren vermutlich aus dem Sapropel gebildet. Als Ausgangsmaterial dienten vermutlich Meeresalgen. Sie enthalten die sehr selten natuerlich vorkommenden Fullerene C60 und C70 Fundort: Russland (Karelien) Shungite is an extremely rare and surprising mineral because of its exciting history and mineralogy and unique properties. appr. 1 billion years old. It comes from Carelia metaphysical properties/ metaphysische Eigenschaften: It is said that Shungite correlates with the planet Phaeton. The stone is helpful for rejuvenation, has intense antiseptic properties, protection against entities. Shungit soll verjuengende und heilende Wirkung haben, antibakteriell wirksam und zum Schutz vor negativen Wesenheiten nutzbringend sein.

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