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New: Unique meteorite from Mars: JaH 479

New: Unique meteorite from Mars: JaH 479
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New: Unique meteorite from Mars: JaH 479
JaH 479: Basaltic shergottite from Mars found in JaH desert region. One individual greenish-gray stone weighing 553 g in total, incompletely covered with black fusion crust. Petrography: The meteorite is coarse-grained rock of subophitic texture. The rock composes of anhedral pigeonite and subhedral, elongated augite grains of 1-2 mm in size, m wide and up to 1.5 mm long, growingand isotropic feldspar lathes 40-60 between pyroxene gains. The minor phases are olivine, ilmenite, silica, orthoclase, apatite, whitlockite, zircon, pyrrhotite and troilite. The fine-grained aggregates of clinopyroxene, olivine and silica occur on the outer parts of pyroxene grains. Geochemistry: Pyroxenes are zoned, pigeonite En2.0-40.6Wo12.0-19.9 (Fe/Mn = 41 at., Mg/(Mg+Fe) = 0.02-0.50 at.); augite En14.7-46.0Wo20.4-31.4 (Fe/Mn = 28 at., Mg/(Mg+Fe) = 0.19-0.64 at.), olivine Fo3.85 (Fe/Mn = 54.4 at.). Feldspar is not stoichiometric maskelinite, varies in composition: An76Ab18Or6 � An66Ab31Or3; (EMP, Kononko, 2009) Oxygen isotopic compositions: (Franchi I.A. Open University) - Classification: Basaltic shergottite.

Yes, you buy the the exact beautiful part slice as pictured on the image! glassy, fusion crust

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