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Moldavite museum quality large

Moldavite museum quality large
Moldavite offers from the direct Austrian-Bohemian source

Moldavite regular appr. 8-11g+
Reg.: US-$39.90
WholesaleSpecial: US-$33.90, 3/US-$98.50
Moldavite museum appr. 4.5 to 5.6 g sizes - wholesale
Reg.: US-$29.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$19.98, 3/US-$59.80, 5/US-$95.00, 10/US-$185.00
Moldavite museum quality appr. 1.5-2g
US-$7.00, 3/US-$19.80, 7/US-$41.00
Moldavite museum quality large 39.04g
Reg.: US-$870.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$598.00
Moldavite museum quality large 32.22g
Reg.: US-$568.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$410.00
<B>Sold:</B> Moldavite museum quality large 33.22g
Reg.: US-$799.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$770.00
Moldavite, to museum-quality-Xlarge 22.33g
Reg.: US-$560.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$499.00
Moldavite, finest museum quality 30.3gram
Reg.: US-$690.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$477.00
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