huge sale selection of metaphysical crystals minerals

fine energy-metaphysical stones - Energiesteine:

Prase - Seriphos Green Quartz X from $3.90/pce+
green gem fr.Greek island
Reg.: US-$14.00
Sale: US-$4.70, 3/US-$13.98, 15/US-$65.00
View list of Amethyst offers
red emerald - red beryl - Bixbite Out of stock
Reg.: US-$30.00
Sale: US-$9.50, 3/US-$25.00, 7/US-$54.00
Reg.: US-$30.00
Sale: US-$15.00
Cosmic Libyan Glass,superb,fr.0.59/g
Kosmisches Wuestenglas. Lib.Desert Glass
caused by a giant impact in history that caused extreme thermal pressure
Elite-Shungite-A-grade w.hi luster
Reg.: US-$17.00
Sale: US-$3.80
View list of natural iridescent Goethite named after Goethe from SpainLife - Stone (White Prophet Stone)
Reg.: US-$10.00
Sale: US-$5.00
Chrysocolla-Malachite<B><U>Zincite gems directly fr. Authentic Source; </B></U>
Serifos Green QuartzBOLI stone
Reg.: US-$15.00
Sale: US-$7.00, 3/US-$18.00, 8/US-$39.00
Egyptian Concretions<BR>(some call it Z-stone)Sahara Dream Stone,
Reg.: US-$29.00
Sale: US-$22.00
Transsylvanian Cathedral QuartzSugilithe Donut
Reg.: US-$55.00
Sale: US-$15.00, 3/US-$40.00
Australian Amulett Stone, Australischer Amulettstein
Reg.: US-$25.00
Sale: US-$13.90, 3/US-$37.00
Regenbogen Óbsidian, Rainbow Obsidian
bohemian concretion
Reg.: US-$20.00
Sale: US-$9.00
<B><U>Moldavite Whlsl. fr. $8/gr up</B></U>
Herkimer DiamondsMoqui-Marbles fr. $3
Reg.: US-$8.70
Sale: US-$3.98, 3/US-$10.70, 16/US-$50.00
View list of carved fluorite cups (Fluoritschalen) offersSikhote Alin, fine Shrapnel $6.50/pce+
Reg.: US-$11.00
Sale: US-$7.90, 6/US-$40.32, 12/US-$76.00
Ureilite  DAR AL GANI 999
Reg.: US-$30.00
Sale: US-$15.00
Sacred Light Stone
US-$7.00, 7/US-$48.00, 12/US-$70.00
BOLI stone
Reg.: US-$15.00
Sale: US-$7.00, 3/US-$18.00, 8/US-$39.00
Fulgurite (Lightning Glass, Blitzroehre, Lechaterite,)
US-$3.50, 6/US-$19.00, 12/US-$35.00
Reg.: US-$170.00
Sale: US-$58.00
Zincite finger museum fr. $2/pce+
Zincite - orange crystal sample image, quality, shape, colour, etc. may slightly vary!
Reg.: US-$6.00
Sale: US-$2.00, 3/US-$5.80, 10/US-$18.00, 50/US-$83.00
Transsylvanian Quartz diamond
Reg.: US-$16.00
Sale: US-$7.50, 5/US-$31.00, 12/US-$70.00, 30/US-$140.00
fine Garnet lot of 11pcs.
Reg.: US-$214.00
Sale: US-$155.00
Golden Labradorite - Cabochons_lot of 50.08gr
Reg.: US-$60.00
Sale: US-$38.00
View a big list of fine Octahedrites: Individuals, Endpieces and Slices<B>Finest Octahedrite - Brilliant Gibeon:</B>
Larimar - Atlantisstein lot of 15g
Reg.: US-$15.00
Sale: US-$7.00, 3/US-$19.00, 10/US-$58.00
View list of Seymchan iron-pallasite
Mesosiderite fr. Bondoc, Philippines
Reg.: US-$5.00
Sale: US-$3.00
Amethyste group
Antophyllite.appr. 80gr
Reg.: US-$10.00
Sale: US-$6.00, 3/US-$16.00
New! Will Stone
Reg.: US-$73.00
Sale: US-$28.00
Sold: Herderite perfect XAuthentic* prophet stone - Prophetenstein
Reg.: US-$90.00
Sale: US-$60.00
Egyptian Desert Concretion Whsl
Reg.: US-$15.90
Sale: US-$9.50
Ureilite  DAR AL GANI 868
Reg.: US-$54.00
Sale: US-$35.00
Danburite cabochons-complete-lot-of-6-pieces
Reg.: US-$120.00
Sale: US-$88.00
Reg.: US-$77.00
Sale: US-$33.00
Herkimer Diamanten - herkimer diamonds
Reg.: US-$11.00
Sale: US-$3.25, 3/US-$8.88, 7/US-$20.00
Herzachat - Böhmen, heart agate - Bohemia
Reg.: US-$50.00
Sale: US-$22.00
hauyn lot
Reg.: US-$60.00
Sale: US-$39.00
hematite x 01a
Reg.: US-$74.00
Sale: US-$37.00
orange Cyanite
Reg.: US-$45.00
Sale: US-$22.00, 3/US-$61.00, 7/US-$119.00
Safire Saphir Saphire fr. Ceylon
Reg.: US-$16.00
Sale: US-$4.80, 2/US-$8.30
Rock from Mercury?
Reg.: US-$36.00
Sale: US-$12.90, 3/US-$33.00
very fresh SaU OO1 individual
Reg.: US-$2.80
Sale: US-$1.80
hematite x 01b
Reg.: US-$74.00
Sale: US-$37.00
Sugilithe, Cabochons, lot of 6 pieces
Reg.: US-$98.00
Sale: US-$47.00, 3/US-$130.00, 5/US-$197.00
Reg.: US-$60.00
Sale: US-$40.00
Intuition stone fr. space, top fresh appearance, appr. 100% fusion crust, wholesale lots
Reg.: US-$99.00
Sale: US-$83.90, 3/US-$198.00
Merlinite - Druzy Psilomelane from New Mexico, New in!
Reg.: US-$20.00
Sale: US-$10.50, 3/US-$26.00, 7/US-$50.00
Tektite fr. 5c/gr CosmicGlass bag 100 grm
Reg.: US-$12.00
Sale: US-$9.00, 3/US-$25.00, 7/US-$53.00, 15/US-$50.00
Apache tear - Bag of 50 gr/ ApachentraeneTuete 50grm <B>$2.90</B>
Reg.: US-$7.50
Sale: US-$2.90, 3/US-$8.00, 7/US-$15.00, 15/US-$30.00
Reg.: US-$170.00
Sale: US-$50.00
Keyiapo stones
Reg.: US-$24.00
Sale: US-$13.00
Magnetite crystal
Reg.: US-$3.00
Sale: US-$2.00, 3/US-$4.00, 7/US-$8.00, 15/US-$25.00
Reg.: US-$35.00
Sale: US-$19.00
Strontianite crystals and XX grouplets
Reg.: US-$76.00
Sale: US-$30.00
snowflake-obsidian-rough fr. $1/pce
Reg.: US-$2.00
Sale: US-$1.25, 3/US-$3.20, 7/US-$6.00, 15/US-$12.00
Reg.: US-$15.00
Sale: US-$7.00, 3/US-$20.00
Reg.: US-$12.00
Sale: US-$3.00
Reg.: US-$13.00
Sale: US-$4.00, 3.1/US-$25.00, 12/US-$28.00
tourmaline XL 01a
Reg.: US-$160.00
Sale: US-$54.00
Reg.: US-$5.00
Sale: US-$2.80, 3/US-$13.00, 7/US-$28.00, 15/US-$50.00
Reg.: US-$16.00
Sale: US-$8.50
The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons
Reg.: US-$29.80
Sale: US-$23.80
Reg.: US-$15.00
Sale: US-$10.00
Reg.: US-$16.00
Sale: US-$8.00, 12/US-$70.00
Tansanite, blueish
Reg.: US-$85.00
Sale: US-$39.00, 3/US-$100.00
Reg.: US-$17.00
Sale: US-$50.00
Reg.: US-$60.00
Sale: US-$18.00
Reg.: US-$20.00
Sale: US-$8.00
Reg.: US-$120.00
Sale: US-$76.00
Mythological References of  meteors et al
Mythological References of Meteorites, Relics/Reliquien, heavenly tones, space related perspectives and aspects, Cosmic Event, Planets or various cosmic parent bodies
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