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Moon Rock / Mondmeteorit Dho 490 fr.$33 a lunar fragmental breccia

Lunar Rock Dho 490 fr.$33
Lunar Rock Dho 490 fr.$33
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Lunar Rock Mondmeteorite Dho 490 Clasts include microporphyritic impact melt breccia, gabbroic anorthosites, and large plagioclase feldspars. Feldspar compositions vary from An92 to An98, and olivines from Fa30 to Fa50. Augites are present and some contain pigeonite lamellae. There are no basalts or glassy spherules reported. Accessory minerals include FeNi metal and ilmenite. These two stones contain high Al2O3 and low FeO and Th contents (Korotev, 2006) indicating that Dhofar 490/1084 is a feldspathic highlands breccia with minimal to no basaltic or KREEP components (Fig. 5). This is consistent with the reported feldspathic mineralogy (Russell et al., 2003; Korotev, 2006) ReferenzNasa/MPI Mainz: Matthias Kurz F. Wlotzka; Erich Haiderer, Vienna

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