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New: Libethenite large drusy crystals

Libethenite large crystals
Item# Libethenite
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You are buying a really superb example of Libethenite with large well terminated drusy crystals in top museum quality! Hundreds of really lustrous and perfectly shaped crystals of up to 3mm are sitting on a bluish matrix. The crystals are of this rare copper-phosphor (Kupferphosphat, Cu2(PO4)(OH)) mineral are sharp and glassy with choice deep emerald green color and marked clarity.
Locality/Fundort: Miguel Vacas Mine, Vila Višosa, Portugal (image above and/or below is just a sample image - Actual sample you receive will look moderately different but is appr. of same quality.If you like a photo first kindly email to us)! metaphysical properties/ metaphysische Eigenschaften: the energetic beings related to Libethinite have the ability to shift you instantaneous away from the illusions of the materialistic plane. Libethenite is helpful for clearing energetic blocks relating to sad attitutes, sad interpretations, emotions of grief or sad anticipations. It can replace it instead with and deepen positive expectations. Die energetischen Wesenheiten, die mit Libethinite in Beziheung stehen haben die M÷glichkeit, Sie spontan von den Gefangenheit der Illusionen der materialistischen Ebene wegzuholen

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