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Gebel Kamil, Ataxite - impressinge 182 grm individual, Charakterstück

Gebel Kamil, Ataxite
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Iron, Ataxite Ungrouped Found February 19, 2009 A total of about 1600 kg of iron meteorite shrapnel (thousands of pieces), ranging in mass from < 1 to 35,000 g, plus a single 83 kg individual completely covered with well developed regmaglypts, was found in and around the 45 m diameter Kamil impact crater The 184 foot across, 50 foot deep crater was discovered using Google Earth and was first visited in February 2009 with a return recovery trip in February 2010 yielding +/- 800 kg.

The Kamil crater was identified by V. De Michele, former curator of the Natural History Museum in Milan , Italy . More detailed data at the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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