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Dar al Gani 1037 complete slice of 6.102 gram

Dar al Gani 1037 complete slice of 6.102 gram
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DaG 1037 big complete slice of 6.102 gram. perfect cut and polished. Appr. 50mm+ / 2 inch in diam There are less than 50 distinct meteorites known by chemical analysis to be pieces of the Red Planet Mars, which have been launched from the surface Mars by an asteroid impact. These specimens are such the rarest matters on Earth. The rocks then orbited the sun and hit the Earth as meteorites. The SNC's (Shergottite, Nakhlite, Chassignite) have always been the most desired meteorites for collectors and are also some of the most valuable. You are buying here a piece of the "Dar al Gani 1037" mars meteorite. It is fresh in appearance. Yes, you buy the exact sample as pictured on the image!

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