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DaG 1046 polymict Ureilite

DaG 1046 polymict Ureilite
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DaG 1064 Al Jufrah, Libya One stone was found: 21 Nov 2000 Classification: Ureilite (polymict)

Petrography: (C.A. Lorenz, Vernad) The meteorite is medium-to coarse-grained breccia, composed by angular olivine, minor pyroxene fragments of 0.3-2.5 mm of size. Locally, the olivine is rich in tiny metal inclusions concentrated along grain boundaries, some cracks and olivine-graphite contacts. Fine-grained clastic matrix mainly consists of the same minerals. Minor minerals are feldspar, sulfide, FeNi metal, graphite and diamond. The minor lithologies of the meteorite are melt rocks, feldspathic clasts, carbonaceous chondrite inclusions. The carbonaceous chondrite inclusions range from 50700 μm and make up 0.9 vol.% of this meteorite.

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