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View list of large Sikhote Alin iron meteorite offers

Sikhote Alin, fine Shrapnel $6.50/pce+
Reg.: US-$11.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$7.90, 6/US-$40.32, 12/US-$76.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 1590g
Reg.: US-$1,390.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$999.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 1374g
Reg.: US-$950.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$580.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 564g
Reg.: US-$800.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$495.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 271g
Reg.: US-$280.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$195.00
SOLD: Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 266g
Reg.: US-$380.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$228.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 531g
Reg.: US-$685.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$459.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 360g
Reg.: US-$190.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$169.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 542g
Reg.: US-$390.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$298.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 316g
Reg.: US-$276.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$180.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 342g
Reg.: US-$325.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$248.00
Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 202g
Reg.: US-$167.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$149.00
Certificate of Authenticity
Reg.: US-$40.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$20.00
Reg.: US-$30.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$14.00
Reg.: US-$130.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$85.00
Reg.: US-$100.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$35.00
Reg.: US-$110.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$72.00
Reg.: US-$330.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$157.00
0.315 kg Iron-Meteorite Witnessed Fall in Siberia16.2.1947.
Reg.: US-$320.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$213.00
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