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Iron Meteorites Eisenmeteorite

Iron Meteorites Eisenmeteorite
Material from the core of an Asteroid that found its way to planet earth

View list of fine octaedrite iron meteorites from Lapland, Sweden<B>Finest Octahedrite - Brilliant Gibeon:</B> View a big list of fine Octahedrites: Individuals, Endpieces and Slices
View list of iron meteorites from Toulca Mexico in all sizesIron meteorite, bag of 100 gram fr.$55
Reg.: US-$79.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$63.00, 3/US-$165.00
<B>Iron octahedrite meteorite pyramidal  crystals  bag of  200gr</B>
Reg.: US-$180.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$81.00
View list of large Sikhote Alin iron meteorite offersIron-Meteorite, Witnessed Fall
Reg.: US-$2,500.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$1,250.00
Sikhote Alin, Shrapnel or  Individual, Bag of 1Lb (445gram)
Reg.: US-$265.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$190.00, 3/US-$540.00
Toluca b
Reg.: US-$350.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$150.00, 3/US-$430.00
view/download detailed descriptions of numerous meteorite  label/certificate<BR> for type of your choice
Reg.: US-$310.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$209.00
CANY0N DlABL0, medium 0ctahedrite
Reg.: US-$200.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$150.00
Mythological References of  meteors et al
Mythological References of Meteorites, Relics/Reliquien, heavenly tones, space related perspectives and aspects, Cosmic Event, Planets or various cosmic parent bodies
SOLD: Iron Meteorite, Odessa, 377.3g
Reg.: US-$268.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$195.00
Morasko - Octahedrite, fine endpieces
Reg.: US-$280.00
WholesaleSpecial: US-$150.00
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